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Observed food group pairings in this list of top 100 foods:

Fruits and Fruit JuicesVegetables and Vegetable Products30%
Fruits and Fruit Juices7%
Nut and Seed Products4%
Spices and Herbs2%
Legumes and Legume Products1%
Cereal Grains and Pasta1%
Breakfast Cereals1%

Food pair search results for Apples, raw, without skin

Showing the top 100 food results that minimize total calories to yield a total of 25.0 grams of high quality protein.
Top 100 food combinations to provide an equivalent of
25.0 grams of high quality protein
weight % of pairing that is
Apples, raw, without skin
Amino acid
Apples, raw, without skin100.031250.035.715000.01

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