Origami Assay Design: M

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Assay wells 24
Total samaples96
Internal replicates3
Assay compression4.0 x
Max prevalence2.0 %
Disjunct Dictionary
Avg number of
samples per well
Wells used in assayA2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, A11, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10, B11, B12, C1, C2
Assay format96 well
Design matrix
1A2, A3, A4
2A2, A5, A6
3A2, A5, A7
4A2, A8, A9
5A2, A10, A11
6A2, B1, B2
7A2, B3, B4
8A2, B5, B6
9A2, B7, B8
10A2, B9, B10
11A2, B11, B12
12A2, C1, C2
13A3, A5, B1
14A3, A7, A8
15A3, A6, B7
16A3, A9, B9
17A3, A10, B5
18A3, B2, B11
19A3, A11, B8
20A3, B3, B6
21A3, B12, C1
22A3, B4, B10
23A3, A7, C2
24A4, A5, B6
25A4, A8, B11
26A4, A6, A7
27A4, A9, B4
28A4, A10, B3
29A4, B2, B8
30A4, A11, B12
31A4, B3, C2
32A4, B5, B10
33A4, B7, B9
34A4, B1, C1
35A5, A8, B7
36A5, A9, B5
37A5, A10, B9
38A5, B2, B12
39A5, A11, B3
40A5, B10, B11
41A5, B4, C1
42A5, B8, C2
43A6, A8, B1
44A6, A9, B11
45A6, A10, B2
46A6, A11, C2
47A6, B3, B5
48A6, B4, B9
49A6, B8, B11
50A6, B6, B12
51A6, B10, C1
52A7, A9, B2
53A7, A10, B12
54A7, A11, B10
55A7, B3, B11
56A7, B4, B5
57A7, B1, B7
58A7, B9, C1
59A7, B6, B8
60A8, A10, B10
61A8, B2, C1
62A8, A11, B7
63A8, B3, B8
64A8, B5, C2
65A8, B6, B9
66A8, B4, B12
67A9, A10, B8
68A9, A11, B6
69A9, B3, C1
70A9, B7, C2
71A9, B10, B12
72A9, B1, B4
73A10, B7, C1
74A10, B1, B11
75A10, B4, B6
76A10, B10, C2
77A11, B2, B4
78A11, B1, B5
79A11, B9, B11
80A11, B6, C1
81B1, B2, B6
82B1, B3, B9
83B1, B12, C2
84B1, B8, B10
85B2, B3, B10
86B2, B5, B7
87B2, B9, C2
88B3, B7, B12
89B4, B7, B11
90B4, B8, C2
91B5, B9, B12
92B5, B11, C1
93B5, B8, C1
94B6, B7, B10
95B6, B11, C2
96B8, B9, B12